Stories From The Land - 2016 National Tour

It's here. The Stories From The Land 2016 National Tour is finally here and we are so excited to hit the road and hear, gather and share the stories of diverse Indigenous Nations across Canada all in an effort to engage reconciliation through storytelling & community!

A number of our tour stops are ready to go but we still have an opportunity to deliver a few more stops along our way!

Stories From The Land - "Camp" (Preview)

"Camp" by: Ryan McMahon, is a preview track for the upcoming, "Stories From The Land" reconciliation project and National tour coming to Canada in the Fall of 2016. Stories From The Land will tour across Canada and will feature Indigenous storytellers from diverse Indigenous territories, sharing stories about their connection to the places they are from. These stories will be shared in podcast form, distributed via the Indian & Cowboy Podcast Media Network and offered to Indigenous, campus and community radio stations across the world.

Stories From The Land Announces Our Full Creative Team

The Stories From The Land Podcast has assembled some of the best and brightest media makers, thinkers, writers & producers from across Turtle Island. This dynamic team of storytellers continue to explore Indigenous storytelling, digital media and community through their work on this groundbreaking podcast series.