We are a podcast series dedicated to Indigenous Storytelling, live events & exploring the audio documentary form. 

The Stories From The Land Podcast shares land inspired stories from Indigenous communities which are meant to articulate, challenge & reinforce Indigenous worldview & connection to land/territory. 

We are a proud member of the Indian & Cowboy Podcast Media Network and are a project of the Makoons Media Group

 ANNOUNCING: Stories From The Land Receives Prestigious Canada Council For The Arts Reconciliation Grant

ANNOUNCING: Stories From The Land Receives Prestigious Canada Council For The Arts Reconciliation Grant

The team at Stories From The Land, along with the Makoons Media Group (our parent company) and the Indian & Cowboy Podcast Media Network are proud to announce that the Stories From The Land Podcast has been awarded a Canada Council Reconciliation Grant! 

The Stories From The Land Reconciliation Project team consists of Ryan McMahon (Host & Chief Creative Producer), Garth Mullins & Lisa Hale (Radio Documentary Mentors) and Steve Glassman (Live Event Producer). The regular, Stories From The Land team, will also be working on the project throughout.

Canada Council Reconciliation Projects are about legacy and creating a new chapter for Indian Residential School Survivors, their families, communities and Nations using art & art practice. We will humbly deliver this project with that in mind. We have a vision at Stories From The Land to create a long lasting legacy through Indigenous storytelling, digital media, podcasting and old school radio.

We can't wait to visit communities, sit by the fire, drink tea and share our common bond between Nations - loving the lands & territories we are from.

Excited yet?

Read on.


In our proposal, we proposed a 12 show, live storytelling tour, that will be recorded in diverse Indigenous communities and will be distributed via podcast, an app, a website, and a network of Indigenous, campus and community radio stations. Through the duration of the tour we will record 48 live stories and 12 researched, hyper local, audio and sound rich, documentaries about the territories we record in. In all, we will record 60 stories from coast to coast to coast.

We hit the road October 2016.

Tentatively, our tour stops include: Vancouver, BC, Whitehorse, YK, Yellowknife, NWT, Edmonton, AB, Saskatoon, SK, Winnipeg, MB, Thunder Bay, ON, Sault Ste Marie, ON, Ottawa, ON, Toronto, ON, London, ON & Halifax, NS.


The goal of the project is simple - to tell stories that (re)connect Indigenous Peoples to the lands and territories they are from by celebrating, investigating, questioning and broadening Indigenous worldview and teachings through storytelling and technology.

Through law, policy, systems and an unwavering attempt at colonization and assimilation, Canada's brutal political rigour has violently removed us from our land. Our stories belong to the land, they are still there even when we are not.

By invoking the spirit of story, our teachings, histories and our lives will return to the land.

It was said time and time again throughout the TRC mandate that, "without truth, there can be no reconciliation." At Stories From The Land, we believe that "without land, there will be no reconciliation."



We are surrounded by stories.

We are surrounded by Indigenous histories and futures, stories and songs that haven't been told and have yet to be shared or realized. At Stories From The Land, we believe that by connecting Indigenous stories and land we will undo the damage that colonialism & assimilation attempted to do - remove us from our lands, forever.

Our stories are at the cornerstone of our healing and our return to healthy, vibrant Indigenous communities.

There is a massive National, social & moral movement toward the call of reconciliation between Indigenous Peoples and the rest of Canada. Our stories need to be front and centre in order for understanding to be achieved - imagine tomorrow's Youth grow up hearing Indigenous stories, histories and futures through the transmission of story & digital media.

Access to these stories is a positive step to allowing Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples to deepens their understanding of our worldview and our connection to the land.


We are looking for live presentation partners for the Fall of 2016.

Are you a community, theatre, arts organization, university/college/highschool that is interested in hosting us or helping to produce one of our 12 live events?

Reach out to us.


We are looking to build a legacy with this project. Here are a few of our creative goals:

  • WE WANT TO PUBLISH A BOOK: We'd like to transcribe these stories into text and we aim to publish a book. The proceeds from this book will go towards the creation of an Indigenous Storytellers Foundation & Festival. More on that in the months to come.
  • WE WANT TO SHOOT OUR SHOWS: We'd like to shoot our live events, and possibly create a documentary property. If you're reading this and you know what this means, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Stories From the Land is a 12 part live storytelling series that will take place across the country that will connect audiences with Indigenous Storytellers sharing stories about their (dis)connection to the places they are from. These stories will be personal, powerful & intimate and will give the viewer/listener access to personal histories/realities.

To give the contemporary live stories context and a space to root themselves we will also produce a 12 part series of 3­-5 minute, sound rich first person documentary stories about the Indigenous territories we are recording the live stories in. These stories will connect our past to our present and these stories will be recorded, edited & produced with sound design, field audio will be treated more as media art pieces than simple live stories.

All stories will be recorded, edited & produced for distribution online through a website, app, iTunes and other audio streaming services. The stories will also be offered to community & campus radio, through a Creative Commons license, for their fair use.

The stories in this series will highlight, reinforce & challenge both traditional & contemporary Indigenous worldviews (past & present) as they relate to our relationship to land, share philosophies & teachings as they pertain to connection of time and place, AND, of course ­ share the laughs & the heartbreak being on the land has/can provide. 


We want to thank the Canada Council For The Arts, The Circle On Philanthropy For Aboriginal Peoples & The Arts and The McConnell Foundation for supporting independent Indigenous media and we look forward to delivering this groundbreaking project both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities alike.

Stories From The Land - "Camp" (Preview)

Stories From The Land - "Camp" (Preview)

Stories From The Land Announces Our Full Creative Team

Stories From The Land Announces Our Full Creative Team