The Stories From The Land Podcast series is a collection of Indigenous community sourced stories that connect Indigenous Peoples to land and place with the aim of reinforcing Indigenous worldview, philosophies & cultural teachings through sound rich digital audio media & live storytelling events that promise to engage & empower.


In our first season - we experimented. We tried things that few have tried in podcasting - allowing our listeners to create our podcast for us. We were blown away by the response of our listeners and the communities you represent. To be honest, we never saw it coming. 

Through creative partnerships with the likes of Sakewewak Storytellers FestivalDechinta Bush University, the University of Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories Parks and Recreation AssociationNipissing First Nation and more, we were able to do outreach work, workshops, live recordings and a few storytelling experiments that have become our backbone. 



There is a massive National, social & moral movement toward the call of reconciliation between Indigenous Peoples and the rest of Canada. 

We are surrounded by Indigenous histories, stories and songs that have never been told.

We view our stories as a key to replacing what colonialism & assimilation project in Canada attempted to do. Our stories are at the cornerstone of our healing and our return to healthy, vibrant Indigenous communities.

Our stories need to be front and centre in order for understanding to be achieved - imagine tomorrow's Youth grow up hearing Indigenous stories, histories and futures through the transmission of story & digital media.